Curbside Collection

North Cowichan provides recycling, garbage and organics curbside collection services. Organics are collected every week, and recycling and garbage every two weeks on alternating weeks. 

If your collection was missed or you have an issue to report, please contact the following:

  • For garbage and/or organics: North Cowichan's Operations department: 250-746-3106
  • For recycling: the recycling contractor, Waste Connections: 250-715-0955

Check out the Garbage, Recycling and Organics pages for more information and answers to many of the common questions we hear from residents about curbside collection.

Never miss another curbside collection day

Use the My Schedule & Waste Wizard tool below! Enter your address to find your curbside collection calendar, sign up for reminders to receive by email, text message, and more! 

Download the "MNC Curbside" app in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store! View schedules, receive reminders and use our waste wizard to learn how to dispose of all types of waste items. For iPhone/iOS and Android mobile devices.

Curbside Calendars

Printed curbside calendars are longer be mailed to North Cowichan households. There are many other options available that help us to reduce environmental waste, save budget, and offer you real-time information about schedule changes and service interruptions.

  • MNC Curbside App - download the "MNC Curbside" app in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to view your schedule and receive reminders.
  • Website calendar tool - use the calendar tool above to input your address to view your calendar, sign up for reminders, or print your calendar.
  • If you're not able to print your own calendar, please reach out to us and staff will be happy to help: 250-746-3106 or 

Common questions

I have just moved here – what do I need to know about curbside collection?

If you are moving into an existing single family home, you will be included in the curbside program. If you have built a new house, you will automatically be put on the program when your occupancy permit is issued. Enter your address into the Waste Wizard tool above to find out your collection schedule. You can also download the MNC Curbside app onto your mobile device.

What time do I have to take my containers to the curb?

Please place materials curbside by 8:00 a.m. 

Why do I have to have my food waste, garbage and recyclables out by 8am when the truck doesn't come by until later in the day?

The order of collection on each route can change sometimes without notice due to construction or other unforeseen circumstances. If you put your organics bin, garbage or recyclables out after 8 a.m. and the truck has already passed your house, it will not be picked up.

Does my collection day change when there is a holiday?

Yes, collection days skip a day each time there is a holiday. Find your schedule, and set up reminders using the Waste Wizard tool above. You can also call us at 250-746-3106 (Monday–Friday, 8:30am–4:00pm) to provide your address for staff to look up, or download the "MNC Curbside" app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Where do I get the proper curbside collection containers?

Green Bins: For kitchen scraps, green bins manufactured by Orbis/Norseman must be used. They are sold at the following locations:

  • Canadian Tire (2929 Green Rd)
  • Home Depot (1-2980 Drinkwater Rd)

Recycle containers need to be clearly labeled to avoid confusion. Use a container that is weather proof (paper bags and cardboard boxes are not recommended especially in wet weather). Municipal Hall has yellow recycling stickers for containers free of charge and yellow bags for $2.00 each. Acceptable recycle containers must:

  • be designed to be manually lifted (no commercial totes/carts);
  • have capacity no greater than 120 litres (30 US Gal);
  • not to exceed 20 kgs or 44 lbs (including contents) when placed at the curb for collection,
  • withstand rain and snow.

Garbage cans can be purchased at Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, Walmart and similar locations. Acceptable garbage containers must:

  • be designed to be manually lifted;
  • have exterior side handles;
  • have a removable watertight lid (do not attach lid with rope or bungee cords);
  • have a capacity no greater than 77 litres (20 US Gal);
  • not exceed 16 kgs or 35 lbs (including contents) when placed at the curb for collection.

What if there is adverse weather?

Severe winter weather, such as snowy and icy conditions or roads blocked by downed trees or power lines, may cause a temporary cancellation of curbside collection. Download the “MNC Curbside” app to receive timely notifications of schedule changes and service interruptions.

Where can I take a deceased pet or livestock?

Deceased pets or livestock are accepted at the Nanaimo Regional Landfill. Make sure to call at least 24 hours in advance to inform them that you are coming: 250-722-2044.