Curbside Collection

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2022 Curbside Calendars

Curbside calendars will no longer be mailed to North Cowichan households. There are many other options available that help us to reduce environmental waste, save budget, and offer you real-time information about schedule changes and service interruptions.

  • MNC Curbside App - download the "MNC Curbside" app in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to view your schedule and receive reminders
  • Website calendar tool - use the calendar tool above to input your address to view your calendar, sign up for reminders, or print your calendar
  • If you're not able to print your own calendar, please reach out to us and staff will be happy to help:
    250-746-3106 or  

Curbside Collection Service

North Cowichan provides recycling, garbage and organics curbside collection services. Organics are collected every week, and recycling and garbage every two weeks on alternating weeks.  

If your collection was missed or you have an issue to report, please contact:

  • For garbage and/or organics: North Cowichan's Operations department: 250-746-3106
  • For recycling: the recycling contractor, Waste Connections: 250-715-0955

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for the answers to many of the common questions we hear from residents about curbside collection.

Recycling collectionwhat you need to know

Let’s work together to make sure we are using our recycling service correctly. Visit to learn more about sorting recyclable materials.

  • Recycling in North Cowichan is collected by a contractor: questions and concerns about recycling collection should be directed to them, Waste Connections, at 250-715-0955.
  • Accepted recyclables: find out what is accepted in recycling collection by using the Waste Wizard above to search for items you are looking to dispose of.  Or download our Quick Reference Guide to Recycling [PDF - 2 MB].
  • Contamination: contamination levels of residential curbside recycling must be kept below 3% in order for the municipality to receive the incentive provided by Recycle BC. Keeping contamination levels below this limit will result in savings on taxes related to curbside recycling for residents.  
    • Recycling bins containing items that are not acceptable will be left at the curb by the municipality’s service provider and a brief note explaining why the recyclables were not collected will be placed on the collection bin. 
    • If recyclable items are placed in the garbage our curbside collectors will not collect the garbage and will leave a note explaining why they were left at the curb. 
    • Glass, film plastic (garbage or grocery bags) and Styrofoam are not accepted in curbside recycling and must be taken to a depot.
    • Place items loose in your bin - do not bag recyclables (exception is shredded paper that should be placed inside a paper bag).
  • Check out some Frequently Asked Questions about Recycling Collection here: Recycling FAQs

Organics collection: what you need to know

  • Curbside organics collection is every week
  • Green bins must be less than 16kg or 35lbs
  • Please continue to compost in your backyard

Tips to reduce odour:

  • Empty your kitchen catcher frequently; wash or rinse containers as needed
  • Don't leave food waste exposed; keep container lids tightly closed
  • Line the bottom of your containers with newspaper or paper towel to absorb moisture
  • Freeze meat, fish, poultry or bones and put them in your green bin on your collection day
  • Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda, garden lime or vinegar in your containers
  • Store your green bin in a secure, cool, ventilated location
  • Put your green bin out for collection every week even if it is not full

Acceptable compost bags:


Garbage collectionwhat you need to know

  • Garbage collection is on ALTERNATING WEEKS
  • ONE container limit (77 L / 20 US Gal maximum size)
  • Garbage bin & contents must not weigh more than 16 kg / 35 lb maximum
  • NO SHARPS such as syringes or broken glass
  • Use a lid to keep out animals & rain
  • Additional garbage container tags can be purchased at the Municipal Hall, Fuller Lake Arena and the Cowichan Aquatic Centre for $3 (max 2 tags per collection day)
  • Pet waste must be double-bagged
  • Check out some Frequently Asked Questions about Garbage Collection here: Garbage FAQs