Organics & Yard Waste

Curbside organics collection is every week. Green bins must be less than 16 kg or 35 lbs. Use the My Schedule & Waste Wizard tool to find your collection calendar.

Tips to reduce odour

  • Empty your kitchen catcher frequently; wash or rinse containers as needed
  • Don't leave food waste exposed; keep container lids tightly closed
  • Line the bottom of your containers with newspaper or paper towel to absorb moisture
  • Freeze meat, fish, poultry or bones and put them in your green bin on your collection day
  • Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda, garden lime or vinegar in your containers
  • Store your green bin in a secure, cool, ventilated location
  • Put your green bin out for collection every week even if it is not full

Acceptable bags

Compostable bags that have one of the following logos are acceptable for curbside collection.

Yard Waste

Yard waste cannot be placed in organics bins. The Municipality does not collect yard waste at this time, but residents can bring yard waste to Bings Creek or Peerless Road Recycling Centres year-round, free of charge.

  •  Bings Creek Solid Waste Management Complex (3900 Drinkwater Road, Duncan)
  •  Peerless Road Drop-off Depot (10830 Peerless Road, Ladysmith)