Snow and Winter Safety

During snow and ice conditions, North Cowichan works extra hard to maintain a safe municipality for residents and visitors. Winter storms can create personal safety issues if you are not prepared.


Snow removal - North Cowichan's responsibilities

Municipal roadways are cleared on a priority basis. The priority list is found in the Snow and Ice Removal Policy. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is responsible for provincial roads, which includes the Trans-Canada Highway. 

Crews work hard to clear roads, but have patience, especially during periods of heavy snowfall or other extreme weather conditions.

Snow removal - resident responsibilities 

North Cowichan's Highway Use Bylaw requires that all residents and businesses are responsible for removing snow and ice from sidewalks that border their property within 48 hours of snowfall. Shoveled snow and ice must be placed within the confines of your property, never on the street.

This is important to ensure pedestrians can safely get to their destination – in particular, people with limited mobility such as the elderly and disabled, those who use motorized scooters, or people with strollers. A fine of $100 may be issued to those who don’t comply with the bylaw.

This is a continuing obligation. Snow and ice must be cleared as it re-accumulates.

When it warms up

Snow here is often short-lived, and warm, wet weather is usually not far away. Help ensure melting snow finds its way off roads by locating and clearing storm drains near your property. 

Questions about snow and ice removal? 

Be a good neighbour!

Clearing snow and ice from sidewalks is a difficult task for people who are elderly or have disabilities. Consider clearing a neighbour’s sidewalks when you do your own. Shoveling snow is great exercise, and you’ll be doing your part to make your community a safer place. Thank you!