Waste Water Management

Please note that this sewage treatment process can only treat organic material. If you are unsure what you can flush down the toilet, please visit our Don’t Flush Trouble page for more information.

Secondary Process Treatment Plants

  • Waste water is pumped to the plant inlet works in the main building and then gravity fed throughout the rest of the process.
  • The waste water passes through a screen where large particles and floating particles are removed.
  • The effluent then enters an aeration basin where it is mixed with organisms and this is where the majority of treatment occurs.
  • The organisms act as the workers in this process to improve the quality of the effluent by removing suspended solids.
  • The effluent then enters a secondary clarifier where the organisms are allowed to settle out and the clear effluent passes through to the discharge pipe.
  • This process produces a fine quality effluent in addition to a high quality sludge that is full of nutrients.

Sewer Area Maps

Click on the following PDF links to view sewer areas in North Cowichan: