Water billing

Paying your bill

Water bills can be paid online or by cheque either in person or by mail/courier. 

Residential water

Water meters are read three times per year, in January, May and September. Residents are allowed 28,000 imperial gallons or 126 cubic meters consumption for a four month cycle, per user. If you go over those amounts, excess charges will be charged per bylaw.

Commercial water

Commercial water customers are billed quarterly for both their flat rate charge and any applicable excess charges. Commercial users are allowed 21,000 imperial gallons or 95 cubic meters consumption for a three month cycle, per user. If you go over those amounts, your quarterly bill will include excess charges.

Excess water consumption

The allowable amount of water included with your base rate is 7,000 imperial gallons or 31 cubic meters per month. Using more than these base amounts of water is above the residential municipal average and may indicate that you have a leak in your water system. Repair water leaks quickly to reduce excess consumption and conserve water.

Checking for leaks: Property owners have a responsibility to check for water leaks. To do this, first make sure that there is no water being used in the house. Look at the meter to see if it is spinning and if it is, it's possible that you have a leak. If you do not know where your meter is located on your property, contact our office and ask for the Utilities Clerk. Once you have fixed the leak, take a meter reading, call North Cowichan and speak with the Utilities Clerk about writing a letter or email to get a possible reduction of up to 50% of your excess bill. No water excess reduction will be approved for leaks within the home (i.e. running toilet or in-ground sprinkler systems), only main water line.

Four-month billing cycles:

  • Cycle 1 January – April
  • Cycle 2 May – August
  • Cycle 3 September – December


Water rates are set according to the Fees Bylaw, while municipal responsibilities are outlined in the Waterworks Bylaw. View all Municipal Bylaws

Billing inquiries

Billing inquiries or questions about your water bill or meter reading should be directed to the Finance Department. Please contact the Utilities Clerk by phone 250.746.3100, or email finance@northcowichan.ca


You can securely access all of your North Cowichan accounts online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at www.northcowichan.ca/MyMuni. View tax account information, water consumption, utilities history, dog licences, and business licences. All you need is a copy of your bill for the account number you want to register and then create a profile to register your accounts.