Access to Records

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act  (the "Act") extends information and privacy rights to the Municipality of North Cowichan. The principles of the Act are to provide a balance between access and protection:

  • the public has the right to access government information
  • individuals have the right to have their personal information protected

What does the Act cover?

  • all records in North Cowichan's custody and control

Methods to Access Records

1. Routinely Available Records

Much information is handled through the normal release of information, usually by front-line staff (but not personal information). Information provided through routine channels includes answers to general questions related to departmental and governmental operations.  

There is a fee for physical copies of Routinely Available Records provided in accordance with the Fees & Charges Bylaw.

Routinely available records include:

  • Forestry Report (final)
  • Garbage, Organics, Recycling Pickup Schedules
  • Heritage Inventory & Reports
  • Leases & Licences of Occupation
  • Maintenance Records
  • Maps
  • Minutes (of open Council & Committee Meetings)
  • Notices (Statutory) for public hearing, etc.
  • Official Community Plan (OCP)
  • Organizational Chart
  • Permits (issued) - all types* (with personal information redacted)
  • Permit Statistics
  • Property Tax Notices/ Statements (to current owner only, or by address with personal information redacted)
  • Public Hearing Information Packages
  • Published promotional material
  • Reports considered in open meetings
  • Rights-of-Way, easements, covenants
  • Road List
  • Road Maintenance
  • Salaries (by job title only)
  • Service Location Cards
  • Subdivision - Issued Preliminary Layout Approval
  • Tax Exemptions

*Permit types:  Burial, Building & Occupancy, Development, Development Variance, Driveway, Fireworks, Highway Construction, Soil Removal/Deposit, Temporary Use, Temporary Trailer, etc.

2.  Streamlined Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests

Where the request is for records related to property you own, or you have written permission from the current property owner to receive copies of the records, Development Services staff can assist in providing these records through an approved streamlined FOI process.  

The request may be made by email or at the Development Services counter, and the exemptions to disclosure in the Act apply.  Photocopy fees are $.25 per b/w page, $1.65 per colour page and $6 per page for plans and maps as set out in the Fees & Charges Bylaw.

3. Formal Freedom Of Information (FOI) Requests

Formal FOI requests made under the Act provide a method of seeking access to information that is not otherwise available through the routine or streamlined channels.  Although our philosophy is to release this government information wherever possible, the Act sets out a series of mandatory and discretionary "exceptions to disclosure" against which the records must be reviewed and upon which the Municipality's decision will be based.

An FOI request must be made in writing.  You may complete the Request for Access to Records form, email or send a letter addressed to the Information Management Division (7030 Trans Canada Highway, Duncan, BC V9L 6A1).  The request must be for records in North Cowichan's custody and control and have sufficient detail to assist staff in processing the request.

Please note - formal FOI requests are processed within the 30 business days provided for under the Act, sooner if possible.  In order to help facilitate an efficient process, please be sure to first speak to staff in the relevant department to help determine if they can provide the records directly to you (see Streamlined process, above) or if a formal FOI request is required.  


The fees set out in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Regulation apply. If there are costs involved in processing the request, you will be provided with a written fee estimate before the application is fully processed. There is no charge for your own personal information.


Request for Access to Records

Processing Information

If you have any questions, please contact the Information Management Division at (250) 746-3187 or email

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