Polygon Planning Meeting

North Cowichan Poster Boards.pdf [PDF - 6.8 MB] - these poster boards were displayed at the Polygon Planning Meeting to provide background and context for the roundtable discussion questions..

Meeting Table Captain Notebook (blank).pdf [PDF - 769 KB] - this template was used to gather feedback from roundtable participants, as summarized by a table-appointed “captain”.

 Meeting Table Captain and Participant Notes (copies) redacted.pdf [PDF - 7 MB] - these are copies of the notes submitted by meeting participants; the majority of notes were made by table captains, but some participants submitted their own notes or made notes from people who were not able to sit at tables.

Meeting Table Maps with Notations (copies).pdf [PDF - 854 KB] - these are copies of the maps on which roundtable participtants made notes; no personal information here.

Meeting Evaluation Form (blank).pdf [PDF - 150 KB] – this template was used to gather meeting feedback from participants.

Transcription of Evaluation Form Feedback.pdf [PDF - 291 KB] - this document is a verbatim transcription of the feedback received from participants.