Delegations for Virtual Meetings

Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, Council and Committee of the Whole meetings take place electronically using Cisco Webex Events and are web streamed to the public. Invited delegations receive an email invitation from Legislative Services before the meeting's agenda is published.

This page contains important instructions on how to prepare to be a Delegate, please ensure that you read completely and follow the instructions carefully.

Test your Webex Connection Before the Meeting

In advance of your scheduled appearance, you will need to test your system to ensure that you are able to speak, hear, and be seen. 

If you feel at all uncomfortable with Webex after testing your system, please follow the instructions in your invitation email to schedule a familiarization session as soon as possible.

With a Computer Desktop:

  1. Test whether your computer is capable of participating, including whether you can hear and be heard, by starting a test meeting at:
  2. Please ensure that you test using the Webex Meetings app rather than the web browser - this is required for you to be seen and heard in Webex Events.
  3. If you do not already have Webex Meetings installed, click on the 'Download it now' link at the bottom of the test page. This will download the app, and prompt you to install.
  4. Full instructions for testing your audio, video and microphone are available on Cisco's Webex Help Center at 

With a Mobile Device (smartphone/tablet)

  1. Download the Cisco Webex Meetings mobile app from your app store (ie. Apple iTunes or Google Play)
  2. Open your browser app and start a test meeting at:

Joining the Council Meeting

You will join Webex Events as an Attendee, and the meeting coordinator will promote you to a Panelist when your item arises. At that time you will have control of your video and audio. Please remain muted if you are not speaking to avoid sound feedback. 

Please connect to the meeting at least 15 minutes prior to the start time:

  1. Click on the Attendee Link provided in the email from Legislative Services, or under the Next Meeting section on Attending a Virtual Meeting page to open the Cisco Webex Event webpage.
  2. Enter the word "Delegation" in the First Name area, and both your First and Last names in the Last Name area, in addition to your email address. For example:
  3. Click on the Join Now button.
    1. Do NOT choose Join by Browser - this will not allow you to use your webcam and be seen.
  4. If prompted, install any plugins or extensions. If connecting via mobile device, choose to open in app.
  5. You will be automatically muted upon entry into the meeting.
  6. When your item is introduced, you will be added to the meeting participants and called upon by the Mayor to speak.