Boards and Committees

The Mayor and Council establish committees, commissions and other advisory bodies from time-to-time to handle matters that are brought before it for consideration. All input, decisions and recommendations received from its advisory bodies are subject to Council approval or formal ratification.

Board and Committee meetings are open to the public and will continue to be conducted by video conference, using the Cisco Webex platform until December 31, 2022, as the Municipality transitions back to in person meetings. Meetings will continue to be streamed live at to provide the public with the ability to hear and/or watch and hear the proceedings.  

Notice of, and agendas for, meetings are posted on the Municipality's website and on the Municipal Hall public notice board a minimum of 72 hours before the time of the meeting. Notices will identify whether the meeting will be conducted in person or virtually. The meeting minutes are provided for information purposes in the next regularly scheduled Council meeting Consent Agenda for Council's review and consideration of any resulting recommendations.

Select Committees

Council establishes select committees to inquire into or consider any matter and then report its findings and opinions to Council. At least one member of a select committee must be a member of Council.

Standing Committees

The Mayor may establish a standing committee for any matter that the mayor believes would be better managed and regulated by means of such a committee. Matters are referred to the committee and then the committee reports back to Council with or without a recommendation. At least half of the members of a standing committee must be members of Council.

  • Economic Development Committee [to be established]

Boards and Panels

Cowichan Valley Regional District Board

Municipal Director, Mayor Rob Douglas
Municipal Director, Councillor Christopher Justice
Municipal Director, Councillor Tek Manhas
Municipal Director, Councillor Debra Toporowski

Alternate Director #1 Councillor Chris Istace
Alternate Director #2 Councillor Mike Caljouw
Alternate Director #3 Councillor Bruce Findlay

External Liaison Appointments (Voting Members)

Advisory Committee on Disability Issues (City of Duncan)
Councillor Bruce Findlay Alternate Councillor Christopher Justice
Cowichan Valley Regional District's Cowichan Centre Commission

Councillor Mike Caljouw

Councillor Bruce Findlay

Councillor Chris Istace

Alternate Councillor Christopher Justice

Alternate Councillor Debra Toporowski

Alternate Councillor Tek Manhas

Cowichan Valley Regional District's Sports Tourism Grant Sub-Committee

Councillor Tek Manhas

Tourism Advisory Committee (City of Duncan)
Councillor Mike Caljouw Alternate Councillor Debra Toporowski
Vancouver Island Regional Library Board
Councillor Tek Manhas  Alternate Councillor Christopher Justice

External Liaison Appointments (Non-Voting Members)

BC Forest Discovery Centre

Chemainus and District Chamber of Commerce

Councillor Tek Manhas

Councillor Chris Istace

Chemainus Festival of Murals Society Cowichan Communities Health Network

Councillor Chris Istace

Councillor Christopher Justice

Cowichan Community Policing Advisory Society

Crofton Community Centre Society

Councillor Bruce Findlay

Councillor Christopher Justice

Duncan Cowichan Chamber of Commerce

 Maple Bay Community Association
Councillor Tek Manhas  Councillor Debra Toporowski

Social Planning Cowichan Board

Somenos Management Committee
 Councillor Mike Caljouw  Councillor Mike Caljouw
Quamichan Watershed Stewardship Society
Councillor Debra Toporowski