Campaign Signs

In order to protect public safety, and yet allow the candidates to make use of public space for election purposes, the Municipality requests that the candidates not place campaign signs as follows:

  • along public streets and on boulevards in such a manner that visibility of traffic control devices and sightlines to pedestrians and vehicles are impaired,
  • next to or on underground sprinkler systems, trees, shrubs and annual plantings.

Placing election signs by digging or driving stakes into the ground can pose a safety hazard to sign installers and to underground infrastructure (e.g., gas lines, sewer or water lines). Before placing election signs, you may wish to contact BC One Call at 1.800.474.6886 or visit to determine if there are any risks in the area you want to install your sign.


  • Display or advertise any logo, coat of arms, trademark, official mark, or branding, in whole or in part, owned or licensed by the District of North Cowichan; or
  • Be located within 2 metres of irrigation lines on public property, including traffic circles, roundabouts and boulevards.

Signs Placed on Provincial Right-of-Way

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure regulates sign placement of provincial highways.

Signs on Provincial Right-of-Ways or Infrastructure must:

  • Be further from the road that standard traffic signs; and
  • Identify the candidate’s name, telephone number and mailing address.

Signs on Provincial Right-of-Ways or Infrastructure Must NOT:

  • Obstruct or be attached to any traffic control devices (e.g., stop signs, traffic signal poles, sign posts)
  • Pose a traffic hazard; or
  • Be placed on a bridge, overpass, tunnel or highway structure.

Please refer to their Policy Manual for Supplemental Signs which prohibits election signs on highway rights-of-ways states earlier than 36 days before general voting day (September 9, 2022) and must be removed on the day after the election (October 16, 2022).

Voting Day Restrictions

Section 163(4) of the Local Government Act prohibits election signs to be placed within 100 metres of a voting place, that includes advance and special voting opportunities. The 2022 General Local Elections Important Dates table on the Elections webpage lists all of the voting opportunities.

Regulating Election Signs – Elections BC

Elections BC is responsible for regulating what information needs to be included on election signage.

Elections BC is responsible for educating candidates on the election advertising requirements set out in the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act (LECFA) and for administering election advertising rules under LECFA. This responsibility includes conducting investigations and enforcing the third party advertising provisions set out in LECFA.

For more information on these requirements visit Elections BC or refer to Elections BC’s Guide to Local Elections Campaign Financing in B.C. for Candidates and their Financial Agents and Guide for Local Elections Third Party Sponsors in B.C. 

Dangerous or Unlawful Signs

Signs that are deemed to be dangerous to public safety, too close to irrigation lines, or in contravention to section 163 of the Local Government Act, will be removed by bylaw compliance officers and held at the Municipal Hall for 7 days and may be destroyed or otherwise disposed of if not picked claimed within the 7 days.

The Municipality will assume no responsibility for any damage to election signs where the Municipality is compelled to remove improperly placed signs. Candidates and their agents may be liable for any damages done to Municipal property in placement of election signs on public property.

All election signs must be removed by October 22, 2022.