Agendas, Minutes and Video

April 30, 2020: Regular Council meetings will resume on May 6, 2020.  The meetings will be held electronically while the provincial physical distancing measures are in place to allow non-urgent business to proceed. The moratorium placed on delegations, public hearings, and Committee and Other Advisory Body meetings remain in place at this time.

Input about an agenda item?

Public Input takes place near the beginning of each Council Meeting. Because residents are unable to attend meetings in person at this time, input and comments about agenda items can be emailed to up to 30 minutes before the start of each meeting. The input is circulated to Mayor and Council an a summary is read aloud during this portion of the meeting.

Questions about the Council meeting?

Question Period takes place near the end of each Council Meeting. A 10-minute recess will take place to give the public an opportunity to submit their questions by email regarding the business of the Council meeting to The Council meeting will resume after the 10-minute recess, and your questions will be read out in the order they are received.


You can find information about meeting agendas, minutes and video recordings below.  Future meetings can be found in our Event Calendar or on our 2020 Council Calendar.


If a Council meeting is currently in session, you can watch in the Live Stream Viewer.

Currently, information about meetings earlier than July 29, 2019 are available on our Archived Agendas, Minutes and Videos page, and will be integrated into this page in future.