Agendas, Minutes and Video

Council and Committee meetings will continue to be conducted by video conference, using the Cisco Webex platform until December 31, 2022, as the Municipality transitions back to in person meetings. Though electronic, some members of Council will be participating from Council Chambers.

In order to provide openness and transparency, members of the public have the option to observe and/or participate in the meeting during the ‘Public Input’ and ‘Question Period’ portions of the agenda, either in person at the Municipal Hall, or by joining the meeting electronically using Cisco Webex. 

How to participate in a Council or Committee of the Whole Meeting

If you want to participate during the Public Input and/or Question Period portions of the agenda for a Council or Committee of the Whole meeting, you can either:

  • attend Council Chambers at Municipal Hall in person and speak at the podium, or
  • join the meeting electronically by visiting Attending a Virtual Meeting for instructions on how to join the meeting electronically.

Public participation, whether electronic or in person, is limited to public hearings, Council meetings, and Committee of the Whole meetings. Members of the public may observe a Committee meeting, however, unlike Council meetings, the public does not have an opportunity to provide their input or ask questions during a Committee meeting.


Agendas, minutes and video recordings are listed below.  Future meetings can be found on our Event Calendar or on our 2022 Council Calendar.


When a meeting is ongoing, a "View Live Stream" button () will appear within the meeting listing below.

Looking for older Agendas and Minutes? They are now included in the listing below!