Agendas, Minutes and Video

July 15, 2020 (COVID-19 Update): Ministerial Order M192 requires the Municipality of North Cowichan to use “best efforts” to provide facilities where the public can hear, or watch and hear a meeting held electronically. As the Municipality is not able to provide a physical space, while abiding by the public health requirements and recommendations made under the Public Health Act, Council has resolved to provide alternate measures to ensure openness, transparency, accessibility and accountability, as noted at the bottom of this webpage.

Input about an agenda item?

Public Input takes place near the beginning of each Council Meeting. Because residents are unable to attend meetings in person at this time, input and comments about agenda items can be emailed to up to 5:00 p.m. the evening prior to the meeting. The input is then published in an Addendum Agenda and circulated to Council. Any emails  submitted after the 5:00 p.m. deadline will NOT be accepted.

The Addendum Agenda will be made available to the public prior to 6:00 p.m. the evening before the (applicable) meeting and can be accessed from the list below. Please be advised that all submissions, including the names of the authors will become part of the public record. The author’s email address is not relevant and will not be included in the correspondence published to the Addendum Agenda. Do not include any other personal information in your submission if you do not wish for it to be disclosed.

Attending a Virtual Meeting
In addition to submitting input by email, you can attend upcoming budget meetings and have your say by joining our meeting virtually. Visit Budget 2021 to learn more about the budget process, including the meeting schedule.  To find out how you can participate in a budget meeting, please visit the Attending a Virtual Meeting webpage.

Questions about the Council meeting?

Question Period takes place near the end of each Council Meeting. A 10-minute recess will take place to give the public an opportunity to submit their questions by email regarding the business of the Council meeting to The Council meeting will resume after the 10-minute recess, and your questions will be read out in the order they are received.


You can find information about meeting agendas, minutes and video recordings below.  Future meetings can be found in our Event Calendar or on our 2021 Council Calendar.


If a Council meeting is currently in session, you can watch in the Live Stream Viewer.

Currently, information about meetings earlier than July 29, 2019 are available on our Archived Agendas, Minutes and Videos page, and will be integrated into this page in future.

The attendance of the public at a Council or Committee of the Whole meeting or a public hearing cannot be accommodated until Phase 4 of the BC Restart Plan. To ensure openness, transparency, accessibility and accountability for meetings, the following measures are in place (which replicate as closely as possible an in-person meeting) and are consistent with the provincial suggested best efforts, when a physical space cannot be provided:

  • live streaming the meeting;
  • allowing the public to submit input on agenda items by email;
  • allowing the public to submit questions by email during the Question Period portion of the meeting, in real time;
  • making the meeting agenda, including how the public may view and participate in the meeting, as well as all other relevant documents, available on the municipal website prior to the meeting; and,
  • archiving the meeting video for future viewing by members of the public.

The attendance of the public at a Council committee or other advisory body meeting also cannot be accommodated until Phase 4 of the BC Restart Plan has been reached. To ensure openness, transparency, accessibility and accountability for these meetings that is consistent with previous in-person committee meetings, the Municipality of North Cowichan:

  • will be live streaming the meetings to enable the public to hear and see the proceedings; and
  • will make the meeting agenda, including all other relevant documents, available on the municipal website at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.