Agendas, Minutes and Video

The public is currently not permitted to attend public hearings, or Council or Committee meetings in-person, in accordance with the most recent Provincial Health Officer Order regarding gatherings and events. Public hearings and all open Council and Committee meetings will be held virtually and will also be livestreamed to provide openness and transparency to the public. 

Input about an agenda item?
Public Input takes place near the beginning of each Council meeting and is an opportunity for residents to speak on items listed in the agenda. To simulate an in-person meeting as closely as possible, members of the public may attend meetings of Council electronically, online or by phone, to participate in the public input portion of the agenda. The maximum number of speakers to be heard during the public input period is limited to five, with a maximum of three minutes allotted to each speaker. Speakers must restrict their remarks and questions to matters on the agenda and must state their name and residential address before commencing their address to Council. 

Questions about the Council meeting?
The Question Period which takes place near the end of each Council meeting is an opportunity for the public to ask brief questions regarding the business of the meeting. Members of the public can join the meeting online or by phone to participate in question period. 

How to participate in Public Input and/or Question Period virtually
Have your say by joining Council’s virtual meetings.  To find out how you can participate in the Public Input and Question Period portions of a Council meeting, please visit the Attending a Virtual Meeting webpage. 


Agendas, minutes and video recordings are listed below.  Future meetings can be found on our Event Calendar or on our 2021 Council Calendar.


If a Council meeting is currently in session, you can watch in the Live Stream Viewer.

Agendas, Minutes and Videos of meetings prior to July 29, 2019 are available on our Archived Agendas, Minutes and Videos page.