History Quiz

1. What year was the municipality officially formed?

a) 1912
b) 1873
c) 1898

2. Approximately how many square miles of land does North Cowichan encompass?

a) 50
b) 80
c) 42

3. The first bylaw adopted by the North Cowichan Council was passed to:

a) prohibit swine from running freely through the municipality
b) regulate the conduct of business at council meetings
c) impose taxes on farmers

4. Who was North Cowichan's first Mayor?

a) William Herd
b) Rex Hollett
c) Thomas Skinner

5. What year was North Cowichan's forest reserve established?

a) 1946
b) 1960
c) 1964

6. What year was the first Chemainus hospital built?

a) 1923
b) 1900
c) 1892

7. What year did North Cowichan voters elect their first female mayor?

a) 1996
b) 1974
c) 1952

8. In 1912, this community broke away from North Cowichan to become which municipality?

a) Town of Ladysmith
b) Town of Chemainus
c) City of Duncan

9. Who was North Cowichan's longest serving municipal clerk?

a) Adolph Vande Casteyen
b) Mark Ruttan
c) Jim Dias

10. In 1921, the first fire department was established which North Cowichan community?

a) Chemainus
b) Maple Bay
c) South End

11. In 1929, the construction of a memorial cairn was completed on top of which mountain?

a) Maple Mountain
b) Mount Prevost
c) Mount Tzouhalem

12. What is a unique feature about North Cowichan compared to most municipalities in British Columbia?

a) it owns its forest reserve land
b) it holds municipal elections every five years
c) it is legislated by the Vancouver Charter

13. What year did the Cowichan District Hospital open?

a) 1967
b) 1954
c) 1975

14. What year did council appoint North Cowichan's first medical health officer?

a) 1878
b) 1892
c) 1890

Answers: 1b, 2b, 3b, 4c, 5a, 6b, 7a, 8c, 9a, 10a, 11b, 12a, 13a, 14b