Special Events Planning

The Municipality encourages and values the potential economic and cultural contribution well-organized events bring to the Cowichan Valley. The safety of the public and the participants is of paramount importance.

Please review the information below and the Event Application Form [PDF - 1007 KB] which outlines your commitments and responsibilities as an event organizer in North Cowichan and, once submitted, provides North Cowichan with the information needed to approve or decline your event. Please ensure you submit your event application at least six weeks prior to your event to ensure sufficient time for staff review. If your event is approved, you must provide the requested site plan, Facility Use Agreement (if required), equipment use bond and any other documentation within 10 business days of your approval letter. Please note if the event is on private property there is no requirement to submit an application.  This process is for all events taken place on municipally owned property.

Exceptions to all terms and policies described in this document and attachments are subject to approval by the Municipality.

Booking Events

The proposed dates will be held for 14 days - enough time for you to complete the special event application and other required documentation. Please note that incomplete application packages cannot be processed.

The individual who signs the application is responsible for all aspects of the event, including adherence to municipal bylaws, the conduct of all individuals working or attending the event, and any contractors hired to provide a service to the event.

Site Plan

You must submit a site plan with your event application (hand-drawn is acceptable). You must adhere to the site plan. Any deviation from this plan is permitted only with prior approval from the Municipality.

Facility Use Agreement

If you are interested in booking either the Cowichan Aquatic Centre (250.746.7665 - aquatics@northcowichan.ca) or Fuller Lake Arena (250.246.3811 - ice@northcowichan.ca) please contact them directly.

Permits and Licences

It is the event organizer's responsibility to obtain all necessary permits, licences or other approvals necessary to the production of your event. (i.e. VIHA/Island Health's Application to Operation a Temporary Food Service)

Notification of Emergency Services

If required as part of the event approval, it is the event organizer's responsibility to notify police, fire and ambulance officials of the event.


It is the event organizer's responsibility to arrange for clean up following the event, including removal of all litter, traffic cones, barricades and signage. The area must be returned to its original condition.

Traffic Plan

A traffic plan must be submitted for a parade, triathlon, running or cycling event that requires the use of municipal roadways. The plan must contain both maps and a written description of the following:

    • event route
    • safety features - fencing, barricades, tape, course markings, etc.
    • course marshals' positioning
    • traffic control methods
    • volunteer scheduling and strategy
    • first aid plan on course and designated area
    • written support from other businesses/groups affected by course layout or road closures


If you require electricity for an event, you must request this at the time of application. You must indicate the purpose and level of electrical power required. A deposit of $100 is required for each key used to access electrical boxes on municipal property, and is refundable upon return of the key. Additionally, there is a $10 fee per use (as regulated by the Fees Bylaw).

If electrical requirements are greater than North Cowichan can supply, you are responsible for acquiring alternate sources of electricity. Any alternate electrical sources must be approved by the municipality prior to the event.


All events on municipal property require liability insurance. You must provide proof of liability insurance, in the amount of at least $2 million, that names North Cowichan as an additional insured. Please consult your insurance agent to arrange for this insurance. Once obtained, it can be forwarded directly by your insurance agent email or fax or, alternatively, you can include it in your event application package.

Portable Washrooms

Staff will determine whether portable washrooms are required for the event. If so, event organizers are responsible to provide portable washrooms on site.


An equipment bond is required to use municipal equipment such as traffic cones, barricades, vests, etc. A minimum bond of $300 is required prior to equipment use, however, this amount will be determined by North Cowichan staff on an event-by-event basis. Staff assess the nature of the event and the potential for damage to the equipment being used.

Transportation of municipal equipment will be arranged by municipal staff. The equipment must be returned to us in its original condition. If equipment is lost or damaged, the bond will be applied against the costs encountered by North Cowichan. If these costs are greater than the bond, you will be billed for the balance owing. The bond will be returned in full or in part, depending on the assessment above. Refunds are issued by North Cowichan within 30 days of the end of your event.

You may also be responsible for policing costs should North Cowichan determine that policing is necessary.


Payment for bonds, fees and charges can be made by cash, cheque, money order or debit card at the Municipal Hall.