Special Events Planning

North Cowichan encourages and values the potential economic and cultural contribution well-organized events bring to North Cowichan and the Cowichan Valley.

We want to ensure that all events are safe, fun, and memorable for the community.

Event organizers are strongly encouraged to learn what requirements and permits are needed for their planned event, and to apply for a North Cowichan Event Permit as early as possible.

Application information

Booking events

  • Submit your event application at least six weeks prior to your event.
  • A site plan must be included with your event application (hand-drawn is acceptable). You must adhere to the site plan. Any deviation from this plan is permitted only with prior approval from North Cowichan.
  • Once approved, you must provide the requested site plan, Facility Use Agreement (if required), equipment use bond, and any other documentation within 10 business days of your approval letter.
  • Event dates will be held for 14 days in order for you to complete the special event application and other required documentation.
  • All events on municipal property require liability insurance.  Proof of liability insurance in the amount of at least $5 million and that names North Cowichan as an additional insured must be provided.

Book a municipal facility
Fuller Lake Arena and the Cowichan Aquatic Centre are available for special event bookings.

Contact them directly to book:
Fuller Lake Area, 250-246-3811, ice@northcowichan.ca
Cowichan Aquatic Centre, 250-746-7665, aquatics@northcowichan.ca

Organizer responsibilities

Permits & licences

It is the event organizer's responsibility to obtain all necessary permits, licences or other approvals necessary for the production of your event.

Notification of emergency services
If required as part of the event approval, it is the event organizer's responsibility to notify police, fire, and ambulance officials of the event.

Clean up
Arrange for clean-up following the event, including removal of all litter, traffic cones, barricades, and signage. The area must be returned to its original condition.

Portable washrooms
North Cowichan will determine whether portable washrooms are required for the event. If so, event organizers are responsible for providing portable washrooms on site.

Traffic plan
A traffic plan must be submitted for a parade, triathlon, running or cycling event that requires the use of municipal roadways. The plan must contain both maps and a written description of the following:

    • Event route
    • Safety features - fencing, barricades, tape, course markings, etc.
    • Course marshals' positioning
    • Traffic control methods
    • Volunteer scheduling and strategy
    • First aid plan on course and designated area
    • Written support from other businesses/groups affected by course layout or road closures


Phone: 250-746-3100
Fax: 250-746-3133