Catalyst Paper Corporation Appeal Dismissed - North Cowichan

The Supreme Court of Canada released its Reasons for Judgment earlier today dismissing Catalyst Paper Corporations appeal to have a municipal taxation bylaw set aside on the basis that it was unreasonable with regard to objective factors such as consumption of municipal services.

The Mayor and Council of North Cowichan are pleased that the Supreme Court of Canada decided that Tax Rate Bylaw, 2009, was reasonable and lawful.

Notwithstanding, Mayor Jon Lefebure states, Now that this court case is resolved it is time to move forward in a constructive manner. We are eager to work with Catalyst, its workers and the citizens of North Cowichan to find collaborative solutions that can assist Catalyst and other local industries in these difficult economic times, and ensure the company, its employees and North Cowichan prosper into the future.

Reasons for Judgment - Supreme Court of Canada