Kitchen Pitch-In Off to Great Start - North Cowichan

Residents of the Municipality of North Cowichan can pat themselves on the back!  By embracing kitchen organics collection residents have already made a huge dent in the amount of household garbage that has been collected.  Since the Kitchen Pitch-In Curbside Collection Program began at the beginning of May, residents used their green bins to divert 108 tonnes of food and kitchen waste and reduced their average household garbage by 48%!  Instead of going to the landfill and generating methane, a potent greenhouse gas, collected kitchen organics are transformed into compost at the ICC Group Duke Point composting facility in Nanaimo.

This past April, green bins, kitchen containers and start-up kits were distributed to over 9,200 households.  All single-family homes in North Cowichan are now receiving weekly curbside food waste collection.  Residents who generate more than one green bins worth of kitchen organics each week can purchase additional bins at Canadian Tire, Home Depot, or Rona; they must attach an extra garbage sticker to the additional green bin for it to be collected at the curb on their scheduled collection day.

Please keep the green bin contaminant-free.  Placing plastics, foam plastics, metal, or glass in the green bin contaminates the final compost product.  North Cowichan is asking residents to not use any type of plastic, bio-degradable or oxo-degradable bags to line their kitchen organics containers.  Only paper containers, or bags with certified compostable logos, can be used to line the kitchen container or green bin. As well, small tan coloured kitchen containers should not be put out at the curb, as they are not built for the rigours of collection.

The most common contaminants we find in the green bin are biodegradable bags, Styrofoam meat trays, and gable-top cartons that do not have their plastic spout removed, states program coordinator Sarah Richardson.  Green bins put out for collection with unacceptable items, or kitchen containers left at the curb, will be tagged and not emptied.  For a complete list of acceptable and unacceptable materials, check the guide delivered with your green bin, or follow the link below to our website.

Kitchen Pitch-In Program