North Cowichan Supports Competitive Business Environment for Industry & Catalyst - North Cowichan

On March 9, 2012, the Vancouver Sun published a letter from Kevin Clarke, President and CEO of Catalyst Paper, asking government to help retain local jobs in North Cowichan and other Catalyst communities.

The Municipality of North Cowichan fully supports the Crofton Mill, and recognizes its important contribution to our region - in jobs, wages and benefits, as well as spin-off jobs and local spending.  We also recognize the urgent need to build a 21st century economy in the Cowichan Valley and throughout the province.  In this regard the Municipality created new tax incentives to encourage new industrial developments, and incentives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through its Industrial Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw.

As stewards of our regions resources and its economic future, North Cowichan supports:

- a competitive business taxation system throughout BC

- one that encourages locally-based jobs;

- a provincial job training fund to ensure youth are trained to work in industry in the coming years as baby boomers retire;

- a competitive, stable rate structure for power generation, including BC Hydro;

- a provincial strategy to minimize the impacts of the HST/PST on industry;

- federal assistance to help BCs industries compete in a global market place; and

- a fair labour settlement with Catalysts employee unions.

North Cowichan hopes all parties will work together constructively to retain and expand family - supporting job opportunities that successful industries, including Catalyst Paper, can provide in the Cowichan Valley over the coming years.