Rotarians Adopt the Friendship (Siiye`yu) Trail - North Cowichan

The Rotary Club of Duncan has announced its adoption of the Friendship (Siiye`yu) Trail from Sherman Road to Green Road, volunteering to clean up litter along the busy stretch of trail that leads from the Cowichan Commons (at the south-west corner of the Trans Canada Highway and Drinkwater Road) into to the City of Duncan.

The Rotary Club of Duncan held its first meeting on June 21, 1930, and over the past 80 years has initiated many community improvement projects and volunteer services, noted Councillor Jennifer Woike, Chair of the Parks & Recreation Commission. Adopting the Friendship (Siiye`yu) Trail is one more example of the extraordinary contributions to our community by this organization.

A sign will be erected on the section of the adopted trail to recognize the Rotary Club for its commitment to this project.