2013 - 2017 Financial Plan

At its April 9, 2013, Special Council meeting, Municipal Council recommended that staff prepare the 2013 2017 Financial Plan and the 2013 Tax Rate Bylaw based on an increase in general municipal taxes of 3.7%. The 3.7% includes a 0.5% (equivalent to $118,000) allocation to the Climate Action and Energy Plan (CAEP) fund to finance projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce energy use in North Cowichan. It is estimated that the average homeowner in North Cowichan will pay an additional $51 in general municipal taxes based on the 3.7%.

Council will consider the 2013 2017 Financial Plan Bylaw and 2013 Tax Rate Bylaw on April 17, 2013, and is planning for final adoption of the bylaws on May 1, 2013.