Beach Reports

During hot weather spells the public inquires about the safety of local water for swimming.  Vancouver Island Health Authority does testing on beaches according to three tier levels.  

Fuller Lake is considered Tier three.  A beach is labeled tier three if many people swim there, there have been high bacterial counts in the past, and there may be sources of contamination near the beach. These beaches are sampled weekly during the swimming season. 

Maple Bay and Kinsmen beaches are considered Tier two.  A tier two beach has a moderate number of people swimming at it, a history of occasional poor samples (i.e. one incident of high bacteria over several years) and little chance of contamination. These beaches are sampled every two weeks during the swimming season. 

Heritage Road - River is considered Tier one.  A tier one beach has few swimmers using it, a good sampling history, ( i.e. no incidences of high bacteria in the past) and no sources of contamination. They also have frequent water turn over due to tides, currents or water flow. These beaches are not sampled unless an environmental health officer believes it is necessary to do so.
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