Boys Road Water Pumping and Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Facility is Officially Open

October 29, 2013 marked the official opening of North Cowichans upgradedwater treatment facility on Boys Road.  Thenew building has been designed as a post-disaster seismic structure and has been isolated from the original building using flexible joints. As part of the project, the 35 year old electrical control system for the complex was completely replaced and modernized. 
In consultation with the Vancouver Island Health Authority, this facility includes a state-of-the-art ultra-violet (UV) disinfection system to provide continuous treatment of the well water supply for distribution to approximately 20,000 customers within North Cowichans south end water system.

BC Hydro representativespresented a cheque for $41,072 towards the cost of the variable frequency drives for the well pumps which allow the pumps to vary their flow based on system water demand and operate at a lower pressure resulting in considerable electrical savings.

We are blessed with the excellent quality of water from the Cowichan aquifer and proud to have an effective and modern UV system that will act as a safeguard so we can continue to provide clean, fresh water to south end customers. stated Mayor Jon Lefebure.   He added, We are also pleased to have worked with BC Hydro to find solutions to reduce energy consumption and save money for our customers.

The new water treatment system also includes a chlorinator which provides a secondary back-up treatment system and is also operated periodically during routine flushing of the system.

Images of this event are attached, and a video can be found at: or by searching Boys Road Water Treatment Facility on YouTube.