Climate Action and Energy Plan

North Cowichan Council adopted a Climate Action and Energy Plan on Wednesday, February 20, 2013. The Plan outlines emissions reduction and energy conservation targets along with strategies and recommendations that will enable the Municipality to reduce carbon emissions and conserve energy over the next three decades.
Participants encouraged us to consider how this plan can enhance the local economy, said Councillor Kate Marsh, Chair of the Climate Change Advisory Committee. The resulting focus on building a low carbon economy is unique in comparison to similar plans by other municipalities."
We now have a strategic and systematic plan that will assist North Cowichan residents and businesses in implementing initiatives to save energy, money and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions--a win, win, win approach, added Mayor Jon Lefebure.
The Plan was prepared by the Sustainability Solutions Group (SSG) of Vancouver, with partial funding from BC Hydro, and support and guidance from the Climate Change Advisory Committee and municipal staff, as well as with input from an extensive community engagement process. Three public events, a stakeholder meeting and an online website supported the project. Members of the public participated by posting 165 ideas and over 4,000 votes.
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