Council Matters - December 18, 2013

On December 18, Council dealt with a number of interesting issues. First up was approval of the Council Communications Plan.

In 2012, Council recognized the need to develop a communications strategy to guide civic engagement and to manage municipal communications. A Communications Committee was established and after a year's work, the Plan was brought forward and supported by Council. We hope that the implementation of this Plan will strengthen public confidence in its local government, increase resident and business owner satisfaction, and result in higher employee morale.

Council also supported a letter to the Province, requesting higher building standards to promote energy efficiency to help achieve climate targets. The Province has already brought in progressive programs, such as the solar hot water ready opt-in regulation. We, along with other local governments, are asking the BC government to support continued development of home energy retrofit financing programs, to reinvest in the LiveSmart BC program, and to develop a comprehensive suite of opt-in regulations featuring a renewable energy requirement, a district energy ready regulation, an electric vehicle ready requirement and a high performance building requirement.

These actions by the Province would complement the efforts we are making through our Climate Action and Energy Plan to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in our community.

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