Council Matters - July 18, 2013

On July 9, a workshop was held to allow discussion on the Petitioner's route through Stoney Hill and Bird's Eye Cove Farm. Almost 30 members of the public expressed their views and recorded their concerns on a questionnaire developed for the meeting.
At the July 17 Council meeting, Council agreed to the Terms of Reference for a Stoney Hill Task Force. The Task Force will be a Council Committee created to analyze the proposed Petitioners' road route through Stoney Hill and the road standards. It is expected the Task Force will prepare a recommendation to Council for consideration at its October 2, 2013 Regular Council Meeting.
The Task Force will consider archeological/First Nations interests, environmental impacts, farm impacts, road standards, road costs and resident safety. Committee members will be asked to carefully consider all relevant information and work towards consensus on a final recommendation to Council. That recommendation will be non-binding and Council will consider it before making its decision on the relevant bylaws.
The Task Force will be comprised of key stakeholders and members of the public at large, with the Mayor as chair and staff in a support role. Meetings will be held in September and they will be open to the public.
Council also passed a motion to postpone consideration for adoption of the 3 relevant bylaws related to the Local Area Service for Stoney Hill until the October 2 council meeting.