Council Matters - May 2, 2013

At its May 1, 2013, regular meeting, Council adopted a Corporate Energy Management Policy.
Municipal staff presented an Energy Management Plan which details energy efficiency projects that coincide with our equipment replacement schedules. The 2013 plan proposes energy reduction projects that will be funded within the current budget including grant contributions of $105,000 from outside agencies. We expect these projects will help reduce our energy costs by up to $64,000 annually meaning that our input costs will be recovered in less than four years and the savings will continue every year thereafter. It is also expected that the 2013 projects will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by 55 tons.
Energy efficiency projects for 2013 include occupancy sensors for lighting, washroom fan timers/sensors, programmable thermostats, retrofitting incandescent fixtures with fluorescent and LED lighting, and upgrades to the Boys Road water system. Future projects will focus on energy efficiency projects at major facilities such as the Cowichan Aquatic Centre and Fuller Lake Arena.
The Corporate Energy Management Policy, established by Council, states that:

1. The Municipality is committed, where practical and cost-effective, to using energy resources to their highest economic efficiency;

2. The Municipality will do this by reducing its energy consumption, making wise and cost-effective energy management decisions, and introducing appropriate energy efficiency and renewable energy procedures and technologies; and

3. Through its corporate focus, the Municipality will lead and inspire actions in the community to reduce the community's energy and carbon footprint, and move towards renewable energy technologies.
We look forward to reporting on the success of the Corporate Energy Management Plan in future years as we trim our energy consumption and reduce the environmental impact of our energy use.