Get involved in the new University Village Local Area Plan!

The Municipality of North Cowichan, in collaboration with theCity of Duncan, will be preparing a Local Area Plan for the area around Vancouver Island University / James Street / Beverly Road to help flesh out the strategic policies identified in the Official Community Plan (OCP). The area for the University Village Local Area Plan can be found here:Study Area map.  As can be seen in the Study Area map, the boundaries between the Municipality of North Cowichan and the City of Duncan are virtually indistinguishable on the ground. 

The OCP contains policy statements to work cooperatively with neighbouring local governments on matters of shared concern, and an agreement was signed in 2007 to undertake a joint master planning exercise with the City and other Cowichan Place Partners. Therefore, the Study Area includes areas within the City of Duncan that are closely related to the portion of the University Village area located in North Cowichan.

Your input will be a key part of the planning process. So please get involved and make a difference! Please visit the Planning department webpage or go directly to PlaceSpeak to find out more about the University Village Local Area Plan.