Have Your Say on the University Village Local Area Plan

The Municipality of North Cowichan, in collaboration with the City of Duncan, is preparing a Local Area Plan for the area around Vancouver Island University/James Street/Beverly Street to assist in the future redevelopment of this area and help flesh out the strategic policies identified in the Official Community Plan (OCP). The plan will establish a vision, goals and objectives for this area for the next 30 years.
To this end, the Municipality of North Cowichan, the City of Duncan, and the consulting team would like to hear what you -- residents, visitors, business owners, landowners, and other stakeholders -- have to say about the future of this area. To have your say, comment boards are located at the dog park on Beverly Street and in the lobby of the Island Savings Centre where you can write down your answers to the following questions:
What makes the University Village area a great place to live, work and play?
How can we make the University Village area an even better place to live, work, and play? 
This is an exciting area, but one where we need a strong plan for the future," stated Mayor Jon Lefebure. "We need input from the community to breathe new life into this area and make it a better place to live, work and play, he added.
Phil Kent, Mayor of Duncan added, The City is excited to partner with North Cowichan and work together with the community on the University Village Local Area Plan that will guide the future of this key area. 
Members of the public can also make comments and follow ongoing discussions about the Local Area Plan on thePlanning Department webpage, or by visitingPlaceSpeak, an online community consultation platform.
Staff will also be at the Duncan Farmers Market on Saturday August 24 and September 7 to answer any questions and listen to your comments on the plan.
We encourage you to give your comments on these and other questions so that the Municipality of North Cowichan and City of Duncan can learn what is important to you during the drafting of the plan.
View the study area map for the University Village Local Area Plan.