Council Matters - February 5, 2014

The RCMP Headquarters site selection process elicited an interesting discussion at Council's February 5, 2014, regular meeting. Council received a report which recommended the following site selection criteria:

 1. RCMP security assessment,
 2. Site development costs (including land purchase),
 3. Disaster response capability,
 4. Environmental impact and First Nations' considerations,
 5. Access to Trans-Canada Highway,
 6. Proximity to other emergency responders and social services, and
 7. Proximity to public transit and urban core.

Council decided to accept and weigh all criteria equally, while acknowledging that the RCMP Security Assessment had to have a passing grade before proceeding to rate the rest of the criteria. Key management staff, including the RCMP Inspector, will evaluate the three sites (two on Beverly Street and a third on Ford Road) and will bring a recommendation to Council at its February 19 meeting.

Council then considered and adopted an Inter-Municipal Relationship Protocol with the City of Duncan. North Cowichan and Duncan have worked together on many issues and services over the years. This document is intended to foster a culture of continued cooperation and a commitment to improved communication so that current and future councils will be able to address issues of mutual interest successfully.

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