Council Matters - July 16, 2014

At its regular meeting on July 16, North Cowichan Council received a delegation from the Cowichan Estuary Restoration and Conservation Association (CERCA). CERCA is concerned about light and noise pollution, disposal of dredge-ate and management of log booms by the Western Forest Products (WFP) Mill operating in Cowichan Bay. The Mill Manager responded with assurances about their operating procedures and future investments to lessen their impact on their neighbours and the environment. Council asked for a letter detailing measures undertaken by WFP and will consider facilitating a meeting between the two parties, to discuss the matter further.

The other significant issue was a reconsideration of a motion that failed at the July 10 Special Council Meeting. The motion was:

"that Council direct staff to advise the consultant working on the University Village Local Area Plan (UVLAP) to revise the plan to reflect the land use concept illustrated in Land Use Option #2 of the Director of Development Services July 10, 2014 report."

There was a lively discussion of the proposed changes to the area between Beverly Street and the new dike, which include designating land for a linear park, moving the Urban Containment Boundary to align with the dike, and identifying land uses that would allow for more development in the area. In the end, a majority of Council were supportive of the motion. Council will review the revised plan in early September.