Council Matters - October 15, 2014

Council dealt with several important issues at its October 15 regular meeting.The first was the road to Stoney Hill. The lowest tender for the construction of the road came in significantly higher than the budget allowed for in the Local Area Service (LAS) petition and associated Bylaws. After staff made some adjustments, there was still a budget shortfall of $271,000. Council considered the following: 

the lowest tender was unlikely to be available after the December 25th expiry date because the company would not have their equipment available on the Island past that date;a new petition would be required to raise the contribution from the LAS petitioners by $300,000 to $2.3 million but the tender would expire prior to the petition process concluding;the next Council would likely face a significantly higher cost for the road if there was a delay, given the tenders ranged between $3.1 million and $5.7 million; andan additional Municipal lot on Stoney Hill could be sold to cover the budget shortfall with no general property tax contribution to the project.
Council decided it was time to find asolution to this decades-old issue. Believing that the community as a whole would benefit from the creation of a public road to Stoney Hill, Council passed three readings of a bylaw which increased the financial contribution of the Municipality by selling an additional municipally-owned residential lot on Stoney Hill.

The second major topic of discussion was the Climate Action and Energy Plan (CAEP) Implementation and Monitoring Framework. After much work, Council is now ready to integrate a set of actions and initiatives into Municipal departmental work plans, all designed to reduce our energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Council discussed this next step in its approach to reducing energy usage and reducing GHG emissions, and voted to support it.

Finally, Council considered adopting a new Fireworks Bylaw which proposed that fireworks permits would only be issued to incorporated organizations conducting public fireworks displays; permits would no longer be issued to families and neighbourhood groups. Following public input received at the meeting, Council referred the Bylaw back to the Protective Services Committee for further review.

Council appreciates receiving your input. Please to let us know what you think about these or other important matters.

Council will meet again on Thursday, November 6, at 1:30 p.m.