Council Matters - September 3, 2014

North Cowichan Council met on September 3, 2014. There was a lengthy discussion on the wording of a non-binding question for the upcoming election ballot regarding the possibility of amalgamation with the City of Duncan.
Council had previously agreed on the following wording: Are you in favour of spending $ (amount to be determined) to study the options, costs, and benefits for the amalgamation of the municipalities of North Cowichan and Duncan?
However, the City had recommended the following question: Are you in favour of spending approximately $130,000 to study both the options, costs and benefits for amalgamation and the alternative options, costs and benefits for the realignment of the boundaries of the City of Duncan and Municipality of North Cowichan?
Council decided to reaffirm their original motion while adding in the North Cowichan share of the cost estimated at $50,000 but decided  to postpone asking an additional question on studying of possible realignment of boundaries with the City until after Council meets with the City at a Joint Committee of the Whole meeting scheduled on September 8, 2014.
Council also reviewed a notice of motion on the issue of limiting future subdivision in Stoney Hill and decided to allot more time to the discussion at a subsequent meeting at which staff would provide a report.