Open House for Crofton Local Area Plan - September 18, 2014


The Municipality of North Cowichan will be hosting a final open house on the draft Crofton Local Area Plan (LAP) on Thursday, September 18, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Crofton Community Centre. A presentation will be delivered at 6 p.m. by the project consultant, James Tuer.

The Crofton LAP will assist in setting a future blueprint for this growing community and will help flesh out the strategic policies identified in the Official Community Plan (OCP) and the award-winning Climate Action and Energy Plan. The LAP will also assist in investment and land use decisions for this area during the next 30 years and help to provide certainty for everyone in the community - residents, business owners, landowners and developers.

The draft plan has been prepared based on the input received, work and community engagement exercises undertaken during the first open house held in November 2013, and the three-day design workshop held with members of the Crofton community in March of this year.

An Advisory Working Group made up of a cross-section of the community has provided input at key stages of the process and has been assisting in the preparation of this important plan for the future of Crofton.

The community-based Advisory Working Group, the Municipality of North Cowichan, and the consulting team would like to hear what you - residents, visitors, business owners, landowners, and other stakeholders - have to say about the future of Crofton and the draft plan. 

We know that Crofton has a strong sense of community and great potential. As we look to the future, this plan will be the blueprint for planned growth, leading to a sustainable community that can provide housing, services, business opportunities and employment, stated Mayor Jon Lefebure. We invite residents to attend this final open house to give us their feedback on the draft plan and the future of their community,he added.

Input from the final open house will be considered in the preparation of the proposed plan which will be taken to the Community Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) and then to Council.

Further background on the plan can be found and on the Municipalitys Crofton Local Area Plan project page.