Council Matters - August 19, 2015

The Council meeting on August 19 began with North Cowichan's Manager of Information Services presenting our new waste wizard and curbside collection schedule look-up service. Our customers can now access a number of new tools to view their pick-up schedules via our websiteor by downloading an app for their Android or iPhone smartphone. In addition to looking up your garbage and recycling schedule, you can schedule automatic reminders for your curbside collection day. You can choose to receive these reminders via phone call, email, text, or app notification. Users can also look up information on which materials can be recycled and where the materials can be taken if they can't be picked up curbside. Please visit to check out this useful new service!

The Crofton Local Area Plan bylaw received final reading and was adopted by Council. This is a milestone marking the completion of a 30 plus year plan for Crofton that will guide development in that community for many years into the future.

Council received a report from staff on marine zoning regulations. The report updated Council on revised draft marine zones and key components of the relevant regulations. A final draft will be presented in conjunction with the overall Zoning Bylaw Review. Public and stakeholder consultation will continue during that time. Council decided that a North Cowichan Marine Advisory Committee was not needed considering the process that is currently underway.

Next followed a discussion regarding the annual maintenance shutdown for the Cowichan Aquatic Centre which usually includes emptying and refilling the competitive pool in order to perform safety inspections, maintenance, repairs and updates. While maintenance has historically been done during the slowest period of the year (the summer), the Mayor and staff agreed to review current practice and report back to Council.