Council Matters - January 21, 2015

On January 21, Council met for six hours with a packed agenda.

Up first was a presentation by Rob Belanger, General Manager for Catalyst's Crofton Division.

He explained the ongoing financial challenges faced by the company and suggested any increase in the level of taxation would be harmful to the companys operation, and encouraged Council to maintain the status quo on tax distribution.

Then followed a Public Hearing on a Zoning Amendment Bylaw to allow the relocation of the marine fuelling facility and float plane terminal, and to increase the number of boat slips at Maple Bay Marina. The owner, David Messier, has been working for several years on the relocation intended to improve the safety of operation. After a presentation by Sheila Kitson of the Maple Bay Community Association, there was a lot of discussion about any possible increase in boat shelters as a result of the rezoning. Having been reassured by the owner that it was unlikely any additional boat shelters would be constructed, Council supported the rezoning.

There were a significant number of residents from Richards Trail who came in to be a part of the discussion of the Mining Permit application at 7303 Richards Trail. Council agreed to reinforce its concerns, primarily the need for an Environmental Impact Study and Ground Water Protection Plan to protect ground water, private wells and Richards Creek, by contacting the appropriate provincial ministers. Bylaw compliance issues for the same property were then dealt with and Council agreed on a timetable for clean-up of the property.

Stoney Hill was again on the agenda. Council accepted the tender from Dawson Construction to construct a road network on Maple Bay Peninsula under the approved Local Area Service. Following that, Council voted to rescind Bylaw No. 3530 which would have allowed private docks along portions of the Maple Bay Peninsula waterfront. Staff will bring back a report and bylaw dealing with foreshore areas adjoining properties not accessible by the new road and the possibility of communal docks for properties serviced by the new road.