Council Matters - March 18, 2015

On March 18, Council met for 6 1/2 hours. The meeting started with two complementary delegations, the first being Carol Donnelly of the Crofton Seniors' Society. She talked about the need for seniors in Crofton to have age-appropriate affordable housing, and access to services, so that they could remain in Crofton as they aged.

The second delegation featured Christy Villiers and Jenny Capp presenting a video about youth in our community and explaining the need for a youth safety lens when planning our communities. As with the seniors, they had a real concern around transit and safe neighbourhoods.

Council turned to regular business and started the process tore-establish the Business Improvement Area (BIA) in Chemainus.

Moving ahead on the proposed police headquarters, staff presented a report recommending that Council:
1. approve the direct award of a contract to Process Four Design, for up to $35,000, for a pre-design and cost analysis of the new RCMP detachment; and

2. authorize staff to issue a request for proposals for a detailed design of the new RCMP detachment.
Staffrecommendedthisas the most efficient way, in time and money, to determine the appropriate size and likely cost of the newdetachment to be constructed on the corner of Drinkwater and Ford Roads. Council agreed and approved the recommendations unanimously. It is hoped that the design will be completed this year and that construction will start in 2016/17.

Another issue of concern was aging residential oil tanks located near the wells for the South End water system. Staff proposed a program to replace 18 such tanks, at up to $2000 apiece, to reduce the chances of a leak that could contaminate groundwater near the wells. Council delayed the decision to allow time for consideration of switching from oil-fired heating systems to safer, more environmentally-friendly heating systems.