Maple Mountain Road Construction

The Municipality of North Cowichan is extending the road construction activities that have been underway on Maple Mountain since November 9, 2015. Construction is now anticipated to conclude on December 15, 2015.

Road building will be conducted by the project contractor, Mount Sicker Lumber, and will take place off of the Maple Mountain Mainline and branch M-600 roads.  North Cowichan will close the Maple Mountain Mainline at approximately 2.0 km up from the gate for the duration of this work. Approximately 400 metres of branch M-600 will be upgraded and top-dressed with rock, and branch M-600 will also be closed during these upgrades.

The Climbing Trail and Lower Syrup Trail will be closed periodically for 1-2 hours while blasting activities occur.  Trails will remain open outside of blasting activities.