News Release - Children and Youth Fundraising Opportunity

(March 20, 2015, North Cowichan) Each year, North Cowichan's Municipal Forestry Program donates three logging truck loads of firewood to three different Cowichan Valley-based groups supporting children and/or youth living primarily in the North Cowichan area.

In the past, winners, which have included dry grad committees, scouts, church groups, and sport organizations, haveraised money by holding firewood contests, raffles and auctions.

To enter the firewood contest, visit the North Cowichan website to fill out and submit theonline application form.The contest closes March 31 at 4:30 p.m.

The three contest winners will be contacted by email and winners will be listedon the North Cowichan website.

A rare and valued asset providing recreational opportunities for residents and visitors, North Cowichans 5,000 hectare Municipal Forest is a sustainable resource. It provides revenue for the Municipality through sustainable logging practices, and the sale of firewood and salal harvesting permits.