Council Matters for June 1, 2016

Council dealt with a number of significant issues during a 5-hour Regular Council meeting on Wednesday, June 1, 2016.

Bylaw 3605, a proposed Zoning Amendment Bylaw that would allow a neighbourhood commercial centre at Berkey's Corner, was up for adoption. Council decided to rescind third reading so it can consider amendments to the bylaw. Council asked staff to consult with the owner of the property to see whether the owner would agree to voluntarily remove drive-throughs as a permitted use on the property.  It is expected staff will report back to Council at its June 15, 2016, Regular Council meeting. If there is a change to the proposed Bylaw, then it is expected another Public Hearing will be scheduled to seek input from the public on any proposed changes.  If the owner is not prepared to consider any amendments, Council can consider an additional reading of the existing Bylaw 3605.

The Waterworks Bylaw was brought forward for Council to consider a number of changes. One of the key changes moves the hours for watering to between 7 and 9 oclock in the morning and evening, to address residents concerns of watering in the dark. Second and third readings of the amended Bylaw were passed.

Staff introduced a recommendation to change the profit distribution policy for the Forestry Program. Although the current shares, 50% to the Municipal Forest Reserve, 20% to the Forest Legacy Fund and 30% to the General Revenue Fund, will be maintained, both the Forest Reserve Fund and the Legacy Fund will have higher target balances to facilitate the purchase of addition of land to the Municipal Forest Reserve and to support community projects, respectively. Council supported this updated policy.
There was concerning information in the RCMP Municipal Policing Contract which details significant operational cost increases that will impact the 2017 budget. Unfortunately, local government has a limited ability to influence these cost centres as they are set through a provincial policing agreement.

On February 17, 2016, Council denied a rezoning application for 6715 Somenos Road that would have allowed auto repair and auto body repairuses typically seen in light industrial areas. A motion to rescind that decision was debated and ultimately defeated. The property owner will be required to obey the provisions of the existing zoning.