Council Matters for September 7, 2016

The Regular Council Meeting of September 7 was completed in an unusually brief three hours.

First up, Inspector Ray Carfantan presented the North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP Quarterly Report. For the first time in quite a while, the detachment is approaching a complete complement of staff members, which allows the them to have a minimum of six uniformed officers on shift at once. At the same time, there has been a troubling increase in calls for service over last year, which has left members with only an estimated 6% of their time available for pro-active work when it is desirable to have between 25% to 30%. This concern is under review by the leadership at the detachment.

The Kingsview Comprehensive Development Plan moved forward as Council directed staff to refer the plan to relevant local organizations, as well as the Environmental Advisory Committee and the Parks and Recreation Committee. Council provided second reading of the relevant bylaws, and a Public Hearing will be organized for the future.

Staff brought forward a report on efforts to have the GAIN Group and the Sahtlam Neighbourhood Association cooperate on a jointly-funded noise study in relation to the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. Staff were not able to get the parties to agree on terms for a joint study, and the GAIN Group proceeded with commissioning an independent study on August 28 during a scheduled motorsport event. Council has expressed interest in obtaining access to the findings of the study which should be available within 60 days. Council asked staff to try again to seek agreement on the parameters and funding requirements to conduct a joint noise study between the Municipality, Sahtlam Neighbourhood Association, and the GAIN Group, and report back to Council.

Council further directed staff to bring back reports on funding for an integrated bike network, the cost to replace the Maple Bay Wharf, and an analysis of existing tree protection bylaws in nearby communities.

Finally, as part of the amalgamation process, Council endorsed the recommendation to hire Mass LBP as the Citizens Assembly consultant, subject to receipt of a grant from the Province to cover one third of the cost of approximately $77,000.

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