Curbside Recycling Inspections

Contamination of curbside recycling is anongoing issue in many communities across BC. Recent recycling audits completed by Multi-Material BC (MMBC) indicate that contamination levels are increasing in North Cowichan.

To avoid potential fines from MMBC, North Cowichan will be completing cursory inspections of curbside recycling items to ensure styrofoam, glass, film plastics and other foreign items are not included in curbside recycling bins.  These inspections will occur throughout August 2016 and our collection contractor will continute to monitor contamination levels thereafter.

Residents are encouraged to use the "Waste Wizard" on our  recycling website or our Curbside Collection App to search for items accepted in curbside collection streams

For more information see the following link:

Recycling 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions