December 1 - Tree Work in Waterwheel Park

To the residents of Chemainus.

On Thursday, December 1, some branch and tree removal will be undertaken on five trees located in Waterwheel Park.

Following a risk assessment evaluation by an arborist, four trees will be having some remedial branch removal and one dead arbutus tree will be removed. These trees pose a hazard to property and the public due to the weak and dead limbs and structural defects.

The details are as follows:

  • Tree #16: Grand Fir - the dead top (3 meters long) will be removed.
  • Tree #50: Arbutus - there are 3 trees in a stand. Pruning will take place to reduce end weight on the branches.
  • Tree #52: Arbutus - Pruning will take place to reduce end weight on its branches.
  • Tree #114: Arbutus - this tree is dead and it will be removed.
  • Tree #134: Douglas Fir - this tree has a dangerous hanger north of the tree that is over top of a trail. The hanger will be removed.

On Thursday, the park will be closed to the public while the work is performed.

Should you have questions or concerns please contact Ernie Mansueti at the number below.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.