Logging on Maple Mountain

North Cowichan will begin logging on Maple Mountain on February 10, 2016. The area, block M-630, is approximately 6 hectares in size and will take about 8 weeks to complete. 
The logging will be completed by Mount Sicker Lumber Ltd.  During logging, the upper Story Trail and road branch M-600 will be closed. A map of the logging area, block M-630, is shown below highlighted in yellow.

While logging is underway, it is advised that trail usersavoid this area for safety reasons.  If you have any questions please contact Darrell Frank at 250-746-3100 or by email  atdarrell.frank@northcowichan.ca.
The Municipality of North Cowichan is one of the few communities in North America that has privately owned forest lands that are managed for the benefit of residents. Targeted logging up to an annual maximum of 2% of the total forested area is conducted as part of the sustainable management of the Municipal Forest Reserve. The Municipality replants logged areas with species that naturally occur in the area, typically Douglas-fir, Western red cedar, and White pine. The Forestry Program is self-funded, with no costs to the taxpayers of North Cowichan. Profits from the Forestry Program allow North Cowichan to reduce tax rates, purchase additional land, finance firefighting, and give back to the community.