New Beverage Recycling Bins for People On-The-Go

The Municipality of North Cowichan has partnered with Encorp Pacific to provide recycling bins in several locations within our community. Recycling containers will be installed in the downtown cores of Chemainus and Crofton and at certain parks and trail heads.  

The bins are designed to take beverage containers only and are "self-servicing." This means they are never locked, so anyone who wishes to do so can open up the side door to retrieve the beverage containers and return them to the depot.

The new blue bins will be installed next to existing litter bins and aim to assist in getting these beverage containers to the depot and out of the trash.  The Municipality will be monitoring the usage of these bins with hopes of experiencing success similar to other areas of B.C. 

This initiative is part of North Cowichan's ongoing commitment to recycling as a way to prolong the life of our landfills and save valuable natural resources.

Click to view image of new recycling bins.