Snow and Ice Control - Winter 2016/17

As the winter snow season approaches, the Municipality of North Cowichan (MNC) will endeavour to ensure that all roadways are maintained and kept accessible to all residents throughout the year.  Roadways are cleared on a priority basis, according to the MNC Snow Removal and Ice Control Policy.

Predicting the amount of snowfall and ice formation over the winter is challenging, therefore, during periods of heavy snowfall or other extreme weather conditions please have patience as maintenance crews work to get to your area as quickly as possible. If you must travel during this time, please ensure that your vehicle is equipped with good winter tires and that you drive according to the conditions existing at the time.

The following Frequently Asked Questions have been developed to assist the public's understanding of their role during these times: Snow and Ice Removal FAQs.

The MNC Operations department is committed to finding a balance between financial responsibility and the convenience and safety of our citizens. Your cooperation and patience regarding snow and ice removal this winter season is encouraged and appreciated by the Municipality and your fellow neighbours.

If you have any concerns or questions with regard to snow removal, please contact the Municipality's Operations department at 250.746.3106.

Best wishes for the winter season,

Iain Bell, Manager of Operations