UPDATE: Crofton Boil Water Advisory Lifted

UPDATE: April 21, 2016 @ 4pm
As of 4:00pm today, the boil water advisory in Crofton has been lifted.

North Cowichan has returned Crofton to the Cowichan River water supply and bacterial testing has confirmed compliance with safe drinking water requirements. The water supply system in Crofton is now back to normal operations and boiling of water is no longer required.

Signage is being posted around Crofton to inform residents that the advisory is lifted.

North Cowichan thanks the community of Crofton for its patience.
UPDATE: April 18, 2016 @ 2:30pm
The water supply was returned to the Crofton Mill in the late evening on Saturday, April 16.  North Cowichan is in the process of returning Crofton's water supply to normal operations. To do this, draining and refilling of the water reservoirs, as well as flushing of the distribution system, are underway. Once these steps are completed, North Cowichan will undertake bacterial testing to ensure water quality requirements are met. These steps will take a number of days to complete, so North Cowichan asks residents to expect the boil water advisory to continue until the end of this week (at least April 22).
Please note: As a result of the flushing process, Crofton residents may notice some additional discoloration of the water.
The next update will occur on the afternoon of Friday, April 22 unless there is something new to report before then.
North Cowichan thanks Crofton for its patience!
 UPDATE: April 15, 2016 @ 4:30pm
The boil water advisory that is in place in Crofton will remain in effect over the weekend and on into the week of April 18.
The Crofton Mill is working to repair a leak in the supply pipe that brings water from the Cowichan River to the Crofton Mill (and from which North Cowichan obtains water for the community of Crofton). North Cowichan understands that the repair is going smoothly and should be completed soon.
It is expected that the boil water advisory will remain in place for a few days after the water supply line is repaired. This is because once North Cowichan switches Crofton's water back to the Cowichan River source, it must flush the system completely, refill the reservoirs, and conduct 24 and 48 hour bacterial testing. Once the results of those tests confirm that water quality requirements have been met, North Cowichan will remove the boil water advisory.
The next update will be provided by 2 p.m. on Monday, April 18.
North Cowichan thanks the residents of Crofton for their patience.
UPDATE: April 14, 2016 @ 1pm
Crofton's water supply was switched over to the Crofton Lake backup system on the evening of April 13. The Mill is working on repairing the main water supply pipe. The boil water advisory remains in place until further notice. We will post updates regularly. Thanks for your patience, Crofton!
 A boil water advisory will be in place in Crofton starting at 5:00pm on April 13, 2016 until further notice.
Early this morning, a leak was detected in the supply line that brings water from the Cowichan River to the Crofton Mill.  The Municipality of North Cowichan obtains water for the community of Crofton from the Crofton Mill treatment facility.
The location of the leak has been detected and North Cowichan staff are working with the Crofton Mill to repair the leak as quickly as possible.
While repairs are underway, the Crofton Mill will not be using water from the community supply. Mill operations will not impact the availability of drinking water to Crofton.
Staff are preparing to move Crofton to an alternate source of water (Crofton Lake) later today, to ensure that the community of Crofton has continual access to water while repairs are taking place. As a result, a boil water advisory will be in place in Crofton starting at 5:00pm today until further notice.North Cowichan staff are installing signs around Crofton to notify the community about the boil water advisory.
All of North Cowichan's Fire Departments are aware of this situation, and are sensitive to the water supply issues in Crofton. North Cowichan is also in communication with Island Health.
Updates will be posted here throughout the day and on social media.