Council Matters for May 17, 2017

The Regular Council Agenda for May 17 was unusually light and the open session was less than two hours. However, the agenda for the closed session kept Council busy until almost 6 p.m.

Two zoning bylaw amendments received first and second readings, and will be going to Public Hearings. The first proposes a four unit, multi-family development at 9932 Victoria Road in Chemainus. The second features a 35 unit apartment building at 2533 Lewis Street which could provide affordable contemporary rental units in the University Village area.

Council approved the scheduling of a new Public Hearing for the Kingsview Comprehensive Development Plan prior to the end of June. It is hoped that there will be sufficient opportunity for continued discussions to take place with Cowichan Tribes prior to that time in order to address any concerns it may have with the proposed development.

RCMP Inspector Carfantan appeared and spoke to his report on a proposed nuisance bylaw that would reapportion costs to properties that are routinely occupying inordinate amounts of emergency service personnel time and resources. This bylaw would hold these particular property owners financially accountable and is expected to result in a reduction of the cost of police services and an increase in public safety for the greater North Cowichan population. Council directed staff to bring the bylaw forward for consideration.

Thank you for reading Council Matters. Our next regular Council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 1:30 p.m.