Council Matters for October 18, 2017

The agenda before Council at the October 18 meeting was brief, and the meeting wrapped up in just over an hour.

We started off with two public meetings that received no input from the public and Council agreed to issue both permits; a temporary use permit at 3418 Cowichan Lake Road for an office and public information site, and a development variance permit at 8857 Stoney Hill Road to reduce the minimum required setback for a heat pump.

Council read for a first and second time a rezoning application for 3248 Sherman Road. The proposed rezoning will allow for the development of 19 townhouse units, replacing the existing single family home on the property. The next step in this process is to hear from members of the public at the public hearing scheduled for December 6, 2017.  Council once again expressed that it was encouraging to see development applications brought forward for higher density developments in the urban containment boundary.

Much of the discussion at the Council meeting was around the Terms of Reference for the Climate Action and Energy Plan Reserve Fund. This reserve fund is dedicated to funding projects that implement the municipalitys award winning Climate Action and Energy Plan. Council debated the merits of adding clearer guidelines for determining the allocation of these funds, and in the end Council requested that the Terms of Reference be sent back to staff for further recommendations.

Thank you for reading Council Matters. Meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to attend. The next meeting is November 1 at 1:30 p.m. Unable to attend in person? Visit our website at to watch live.