Council Matters - June 7, 2017

On June 7, Council met to deal with a relatively short agenda. The 2016 Annual Municipal Report was presented by staff and received by Council.

The first bylaw to be considered was the Parks and Public Places Regulation Bylaw.  It received three readings and once adopted will replace the Parks Regulation Bylaw.  The new bylaw provides additional regulations to help protect parks and public lands and prohibit camping on environmentally sensitive areas and parks, as well certain distances from playgrounds, sports fields, trails and private property.

Staff introduced a Zoning Bylaw Amendment and accompanying Business Licence Amendment Bylaw, to regulate where and under what conditions food carts, trucks and trailers may operate.  Council was impressed with the extensive public consultation that had taken place and passed the first two readings.  A Public Hearing on this topic will take place on June 21, 2017.

Under Council Reports, the 2016 Statement of Financial Information was brought to the table. Anyone wishing to get a good picture of what the Municipality accomplished and how it was financed should look up this document, as well as the 2016 Annual Municipal Report, on our website under Accounting and Financial Reports.

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