Changes to Process for Scheduling Building Inspections

In an effort to serve the needs of the building industry, North Cowichan will be making changes to its' building permit process. These changes are necessary to ensure the most effective use of builders AND inspectors time. Changes are described below:

  • Application forms for Building Permit applications are now available online, along with a checklist of application requirements. This is to ensure that applications are complete when submitted and can be processed as quickly as possible.
  • A detailed Building Inspection checklist is now available online to prepare and schedule all inspections and keep projects moving.
  • Beginning in November 2018, building inspections will be scheduled for a day, rather than for an exact time. The past practice of scheduling for exact times has created challenges for builders and inspectors, as the length of time to attend and complete inspections cannot be precisely determined in advance.

These changes are intended to enhance service levels to the building community.