Maple Bay Roads New Pavement Markings

(North Cowichan, BC) Some residents are wondering about the new double white lines painted along the shoulder of Maple Bay Road. These new lines called a gore create separation between the shoulder and travel lanes giving cyclists and pedestrians more buffer from vehicles.

The idea to use a gore came from similar applications in the City of Victoria where bike traffic is prevalent and special measures are often used to accommodate cyclists. The gore is a cue to drivers to be on the lookout for pedestrians and cyclists, and to be mindful of their vehicles location on the road. The gore is not intended to be cycled within, but rather helps cyclists and pedestrians by giving them a little more protection from side mirrors and vehicle overhang.

Safety for users is a critical part of our roads program, says David Conway, Director of Engineering. Maple Bay Road is constrained in its width, making the gore an ideal tool to create a bit more visibility and space for cyclist and pedestrians. Initial reactions have been very positive, and additional signage is in the works to further identify the use of the lane and purpose of the markings."