North Cowichan Changes Organizational Structure to Focus on Service

Effective October 12, 2018, the Municipality of North Cowichan has a new organizational structure focused on enhancing service delivery. One year into his tenure as Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Ted Swabey has initiated an organizational renewal, the first phase of which was unanimously supported by Council on September 19, 2018. A third party, Innova Strategy Group, was retained to assess the strengths and weakness of the organizations structure and services and make recommendations to address service gaps. The new organizational structure is an outcome of the review completed by Innova. 

The new structure has a smaller senior leadership team comprised of four General Managers (GMs) who will report directly to the CAO and manage newly formed Services Divisions, each with three to five major service areas (i.e. Departments):

  • Financial and Protective Services
  • Community Services
  • Development and Engineering Services, and
  • People and Business Services 

These four Divisions combine connected services together to streamline the customer service experience, reduce administrative delays associated with cross-departmental approvals and coordination, and promote a more adaptive, responsive and accountable North Cowichan.

The new structure will also result in long-term salary savings at the senior leadership level, forecasted at approximately $150, 000 per year, realized through a reduction in senior leadership positions and eventual adjustments to managerial classifications at points of natural attrition (i.e. retirements, voluntary resignation, etc.). It will also realize further long-term opportunities for cost savings and improved productivity due to on-going work to streamline service delivery within and across Divisions.

The structure and culture at North Cowichan needed to change in order to effectively meet the expectations of the community and Council we serve says CAO Swabey. The pressures and expectations on our organization, and all local governments, have shifted dramatically over time and the structure and culture that worked in the past is no longer effective. We must adapt and modernize.

This is the first time I can remember an organizational review being conducted at North Cowichan," says Mayor Lefebure. "Its always positive to have a set of fresh eyes assess the organization.

The GM, Development and Engineering Services will be recruited externally, while former Director of Parks, Forestry and Recreation, Ernie Mansueti has been appointed to the role of GM, Community Services, former Director of Financial Services, Mark Frame has been appointed to the role of GM, Financial and Protective Services, and former Director of Human Resources, Sarah Nixon has been appointed to the role of GM, People and Business Services.

 new functional organizational chart is available here.